Building Custom Hardware Tools

Welcome to the webpage for chapter 9 of my book “Performing Electronic Music Live”, which is about building custom performance hardware tools. You can to watch the accompanying tutorial video for this chapter here. In this video, Dominique Pelletier a.k.a. R41NB0W TR4$H demonstrates how we can build a light theremin and house it inside of a Gameboy shell.

About the chapter:

By building custom performance hardware, we can create memorable live shows and perform with completely new sounds. We can build ground-breaking devices from scratch or repurpose things that were not originally meant for music, for a unique and innovative artistic expression. This chapter has an abundance of case studies that cover new instruments built from scratch, devices that turn the human body into musical instruments, artists that add functionality to existing instruments and musicians that perform music on toys and household items. The chapter also includes tips on how to get started with electronics and hardware hacking.