Performing Without a Laptop

Welcome to the webpage for chapter 7 of my book “Performing Electronic Music Live”, which is about performing without a laptop. You can watch the accompanying tutorial video for this chapter here. In this video, former Infadels guitarist and producer Matt Gooderson introduces his custom modular synth setup, which includes a Make Noise Rene sequencer, Intellijel Tête and Tetrapad, 2HP Plucks and more.

About the chapter:

Nowadays, almost every part of our lives takes place on computers, from shopping, to work and socializing. Our electronic music setup does not need to. The options for compiling a unique hardware setup are endless. From setups consisting of sequencers, MIDI controllers and synths to complex modular rigs, any combination of tools can be achieved. This allows artists to create deeply personal instruments and to explore the benefits of creative restriction.

This chapter explores the building blocks of hardware setups, including control signal generators, control signal routing tools, sound sources, sound processors and effects and mixers. Each building block can be a separate building block, but there are also all-in-one tools available. The chapter also discusses cabling and connections and breaks down a complex modular rig in a tutorial written by Matt Gooderson.