Stage Design and Visual Parameters

Welcome to the webpage for chapter 11 of my book “Performing Electronic Music Live”, which is about stage design and visual parameters. You can watch the accompanying tutorial video for this chapter here. In this video, I demonstrate how you can perform live with custom visuals in the Ableton Live session view by using the third party plugin EboSuite. The visuals are created in Magicavoxel, Photoshop and Premiere Pro, to achieve a pixely retro games look.

About the chapter:

Visual parameters can turn music performances into holistic, multisensory experiences. They can reinforce the emotion and energy flow of the music, through abstract representations of the music in colour and shape, or by providing an additional narrative context. The song concept and artist brand can be communicated more clearly through a combination of visuals and sound, rather than sound alone. We can create performance personas that resemble who we are in real life, or are entirely fictional. Live visuals can also be used to amplify what is happening on stage.

This chapter summarizes the existing tools for creating visual interest, including moving visuals, lighting, dancing and acting, fashion and stage design, offering insight into how they can be used to support the overall creative vision.